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To Rich

I take people to beautiful and remote places in the world. Here we share the natural history and awe of being outside in nature. I have driven guests in zodiacs through Antartic snowstorms between icebergs and penguins and have braved the Nor'easters of the Atlantic shoreline searching for stranded sea turtles. In the pouring rain, I've kayaked through the Alaskan wilderness.


Always, I paint. I've painted since I was a child. When people ask me what kind of painting I do, I answer “abstract landscapes”, but the title doesn't quite fit. I don't paint the scene like a still life, I paint rushing clouds obscuring a snowy mountain. I paint the weight and power of crashing surf. I paint the energy of the wind. In short, I paint nature having it's way.

Marylou Blakeslee out hiking
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